Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Taking Action In The Margins Of Society

Some people watch and others take action. Jacqui Shurr takes action. In 1997 she and her husband Jeff formed the Good Rick Foundation when they traveled from England to adopt their daughter from one of the most remote locations in the world: XinJiang China. Since that time they have touched the lives of thousands of orphaned and abandoned children and their families including our own daughter. 

In 2005 we met Jacqui when we adopted Kristin and saw her passion first hand. She, with the support if her husband, has organized foster homes throughout the region, arranged for schooling for children who wouldn't normally qualify for school, arranged for medical supplies and medical care, provided meaningful technical training and employment for young people who wouldn't otherwise be employable in their country, and arranged countless fundraising projects for her cause. 

Our daughter, Kristin, was found on a train at the end of the tracks when she was 6 years old. The Good Rock Foundation took her in, treated her burns and open wounds, fed her, clothed her,  found her a foster family, and loved her. When her scoliosis became more than local medical care could handle, they started a search for an international family. When we arrived, Kristin had been so very well prepared, that at 10 years old, she leapt into our arms and taught us what life is really all about. 

We are so very grateful for the work Jacqui does and encourage all to make the difference in a way only you can. 

Visit Jacqui's website at:

Imagine the difference you can make. 
Make the difference in a way only you can.

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