Monday, February 20, 2012

Everyone I touch

Silence? With 50 children, even the nights are often not silent.

In 2005 the world changed for a school teacher. Her visit to China affected her in such a way that she made it her life's mission. When Amanda de Lange held that first needy child, her heart must have been filled with compassion. True love. Charity. Isn't it odd how tasks that often drain our energy "fill" our souls.

Amanda is another one of the rare few that has navigated the Chinese system to be able to open and maintain a private foster home in China.  Her foster home, the Star Fish Foster Home, is where she takes special needs children, addresses their needs, loves them, and helps them find forever families.

Clearly her journey has not been easy. The constant demands of learning the system, finding funding, handling the needs of the children, medical care, even bed time must take their toll. Yet she
pushes forward.  We are so very grateful for these ordinary people who do extraordinary things. To read more about the Star Fish Foster home and the opportunities to volunteer, donate, or just to feel good, visit their web site at:

After drafting this message we received notice that Amanda was diagnosed with cancer. Consider donating or volunteering to help with her care or to continue her work.

Imagine the difference you can make.  Make the difference in a way only you can.

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